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Order Processing

These positions follow an order from being received from our vendors to an array of different stations for basic order editing, to a technical blue pencil process which matches the client’s measurements against a base pattern to create an individual custom pattern for this client. These are automated computer assisted logic programs and do require advance training in the apparel fitting dimension of our business. Exciting technology is evident in this area.

Marker Making

This position entails working with a computer aided design system that is characteristic to the apparel industry. The system operator will position the pieces of a garment order onto a data screen to achieve a designated fabric utilization factor. There are several associated functions with this system relating to pattern design and apparel alteration functions.

Manual Cutting

This operation involves Old World tailoring techniques that are associated with manually cutting a made to measure garment. The skill involved with matching and cutting with precision are key components to a successful outcome with this operation. The understanding of the weave and nap of very exclusive fabrications are another component in this area.

Auto Cutting

Automated Cutting systems are a multi-function operation. You have an operator that controls the computer order setup and matching rules. You have a team of setup associates that lay out and prepare and review the order for proper width, length, and fabric defects prior to engaging the computer cutter. Once garment completely cut all pieces are checked and matched prior to passing to next operation.

Specialty Sewing Equipment

With-in the manufacturing facility there are several automated sewing units performing multiple operations to coats and trousers. The training process involves reading operation ticket and setting up machine to facilitate proper sewing requirement for that operation. Mostly related to pocket setting, button sewing and buttonhole operations.

Pressing Operations

Pressing operations are paired with either microprocessor controlled equipment or a manual version of the same. These operations involve proper positioning of a garment on a defined shape of pressing unit. Care and skill of this positioning is paramount to achieving the desired result. Pressing codes are assigned to various fabrications to insure proper handling of the textile composition. Final finishing with an upscale hand ironing unit, with vacuum assist, up air controls, H2O spritzing and steam assisted irons. These final finishing stations are the artist signature to the work.

Final Inspection

The quality control specialist will review the finished garment against the original order ticket to verify requested measurements and features are all with-in tolerance levels. Sewing and final pressing are reviewed as well to pass a zero defect garment to the end consumer.

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